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ENT Specialist  Henrik Ridley, New York NY, is an Otolaryngologist – an ear, nose, and throat specialist that helps to diagnose and treat problems involving the upper respiratory system. Our office is located at 12 Fulton St, New York, NY.

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Sinus Surgery New York NY

Sinus Surgery is one of the most common operations performed. Dr. Ridley will review with you whether this procedure is the appropriate procedure to open possible sinus obstructions.

Colds, allergies, infections or other obstructions of the sinuses (i.e. deviated septum) can cause inflammation of the mucosa and block the drainage of the sinus cavities. If the sinuses become inflamed, Sinusitis can occur. The mucos becomes thicker and cannot pass through the openings and end up accumulating in the sinuses. Many symptoms can arise including fever, headaches, and pain over and underneath the eyes. Polyps form when mucosa becomes swollen by repeated infections. For more information about sinus surgery or to schedule a consultation appointment, call our office in New York, NY at South Street Office Phone Number 555-555-5555.